Couldn’t recommend more. A desperately needed service for adults with ADHD or who suspect they have ADHD. Dr. Sarah Carthy is very knowledgeable on adult ADHD, and on how it can present in women. ADHD in women and non-binary people is very much under researched and poorly understood, so having a team who understand this makes a huge amount of difference – I felt I was truly listened to.

The assessment was very thorough yet compassionate. Dr. John O’Connor, the psychiatrist, was very approachable and kind. Every single staff member, from the admin team to the nurse, is so friendly and caring. My life has changed for the better since attending ADHD Doc. My quality of life has been improved by 1000% and I have hope for my future for the first time in a while. I truly cannot express the extent to which ADHD Doc has helped me. Thank you so much.