How do I book an assessment?

All new patient assessment bookings can be conveniently made directly on our website. Simply follow this link: Book Your Assessment. Click ‘no preference’ for staff and then ‘month view,’ using the arrows to change the month to the next available appointment.

What is the assessment process?

This assessment entails a Qb test, which is an individual computer-based assessment to test for ADHD. This assessment will be followed-up with a GP assessment 4-6 weeks after where you will potentially receive a diagnosis and medication, if deemed necessary by the doctor. There will be a follow-up medication titration process with the doctor, to trial medication and make any adjustments if necessary. I would recommend having a read of the ‘what to expect’ section on our website.

Do I need A GP referral?

ADHDdoc is a self-referral service, so GP referrals are not required.

Do I need to bring anything or anyone with me for the first assessment?

You do not need to bring anything with you for the first assessment. For the second appointment, you will need to bring a collateral history sheet which will be given and explained to you by a member of our team after the QB test. You do not need to bring anyone with you for the first assessment unless you wish to. Similarly, for the second assessment, bringing someone is not mandatory but if you would like to you can.

Do you have a cancellation list?

Unfortunately, we do not manage a cancellation list. The website is live therefore the best approach would be to keep an eye on changing availability. Any cancellations will be shown in the booking section there.

What is the pricing for the assessments?

The QB test costs €400, and the GP assessment costs €600. The €400 is paid in full when booking the assessment on our website and includes the QB assessment, blood tests and ECG. The €600 covers the 90-minute follow up assessment that can be paid in two instalments of €300.

In some cases, the doctor may recommend a psychiatry appointment which costs an additional €350. First medication titration visits costs €150 and any follow-up titration visits cost €70.

You can review the process of diagnosis and associated pricing here.

How do I book an appointment if I already have a prior diagnosis?

We have a new booking form on our website to book Confirmation of Diagnosis appointments. We require a copy of your previous diagnosis report, which can be uploaded as a file. You can fill the form here and we will be in touch. Note: you will need a copy of your ECG and blood test results within the last 6 months sent in advance of your appointment.

Can the appointments be done online?

The assessments (first and second appointments) must be completed in-person. After that, you can do phone call or Doxy-me video appointments.

For online appointments, will I receive a video link?

For phone appointments, the doctor will call you at the time of appointment. For video appointments, you will receive an SMS with a Doxy-me link at the time of your appointment. Please note that doctors may be running a few minutes behind, but they will contact you.

Can I book my own follow-up appointments?

Your follow-up appointments are made directly after your appointments by a member of our administration team. For patients who need to book a follow-up appointment after an online appointment, please get in touch with [email protected] directly after your appointment to book your follow-up. Please refrain from leaving it too late as our appointments book up very quickly.

How do I order my prescription?

If you are running out of medication, you will need to book an appointment to order your next prescription- this is why we strongly recommend organising your follow-up appointment directly after your appointment to prevent running out of medication. If you have a repeat prescription, you can order your prescription on our website form here.

What do I do if my prescription has not been received by the pharmacy?

If your prescription has not been sent through, it means that there may have been a typo with the email or contact information of the pharmacy provided; contact us [email protected] if you need any assistance.

What do I do if my prescription is out of stock?

Please ring other pharmacies close to you and check with them if they have the medication/dosage. If they do, contact [email protected] with the pharmacy name and contact details and the doctor will redirect the script.

Can I organise a phone-call appointment in advance of my assessment?

You can book a free phone consultation on our website to discuss our services.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your appointment at least 72 hours in advance. You will be issued a full refund within 5-10 working days from when the cancellation is made.

Do you assess children?

We only take patients over the age of 16 years old.

Are your appointments covered by insurance?

You will have to check directly with your insurance provider. We issue receipts with full details under the title of ‘ADHD Assessment 1’, ‘ADHD Assessment 2’ and ‘GP Consultation.’

Can your GPs prescribe medication?

All our GPs and psychiatrists specialize in ADHD and can prescribe medication.

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