ADHDdoc Clinic

General Practitioners have long been the first point of contact for patients who suspect they may have symptoms of ADHD. We are privileged to know our patients over a long number of years and are uniquely placed to recognise the symptoms and support our patients and their families from diagnosis to management of this condition.

Combined Approach

We believe in following up-to-date, evidence-based guidelines with expert specialist care in this area. We are firmly convinced that the combined approach between primary and secondary care will lead to a better understanding of the condition resulting in more compliance with treatment and ultimately enhanced patient satisfaction.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

For GPs, working as part of a multi-disciplinary team is what we do. Co-ordinating care between specialists and members of the wider caring community is how we achieve best outcomes for our patients. We are privileged to be working with an experienced consultant psychiatrist as well as a wonderful occupational therapist who embrace and understand the nuances of being part of the neurodiverse community.

Baker’s Point

Pottery Road

Dún Laoghaire A96 RK70