As parents we were very hesitant about putting our 16 year old daughter on ADHD medication. However, we had exhausted all other avenues from diet to supplements and our daughter was really struggling to cope with her ADHD symptoms. She was home schooled due to bullying and finding the school environment incredibly over whelming along with the lack of focus and the need for constant movement. We could see on a daily basis the struggles and how unhappy our daughter was, so we discussed the medication options and our concerns with Dr Walsh who made us feel a lot more comfortable and confident about the decision. We could not have envisaged how this medication would transform our daughters life.

She is back completing her senior cycle at a new school, has made a lovely circle of friends, is very focused and doing extremely well at school getting lots of praise from teachers for her excellent work ethic and most importantly she is now an extremely happy young lady with such confidence and self belief.

Our daughter started on the lowest dose and over a period of two months this dose was adjusted and we now feel she is at her optimal dose. During this period there were minor side effects such as, headaches, dry mouth and minor shakes in her hand which tended to occur towards the late afternoon when the dose was wearing off. She no longer suffers from these side effects. I would like to thank Dr Walsh, Dr Carty and all the team at ADHD Doc who treated our daughter with such compassion and provided fantastic continuous support.

The following paragraph is what my daughter wrote about being on ADHD medication:

“Concerta has made a significant improvement in my life, I feel happier and more confident. I’m able to do the things I like without feeling the need to move around, I feel better about myself. My memory’s improved and I’m doing better in school. Everything I used to do is done better, hard things are easier and it feels like I’ve being freed, like I’ve being given the ability to live how I want to, and not have to wait to get the motivation to do anything. I feel like I’ve been given a choice.”



Couldn’t recommend more. A desperately needed service for adults with ADHD or who suspect they have ADHD. Dr. Sarah Carthy is very knowledgeable on adult ADHD, and on how it can present in women. ADHD in women and non-binary people is very much under researched and poorly understood, so having a team who understand this makes a huge amount of difference – I felt I was truly listened to.

The assessment was very thorough yet compassionate. Dr. John O’Connor, the psychiatrist, was very approachable and kind. Every single staff member, from the admin team to the nurse, is so friendly and caring. My life has changed for the better since attending ADHD Doc. My quality of life has been improved by 1000% and I have hope for my future for the first time in a while. I truly cannot express the extent to which ADHD Doc has helped me. Thank you so much.


Thank you Dr Sarah Carty, Douglas and all the amazing team at ADHDdoc. Really appreciate everything that you have done for me and how this experience has been a very positive one.
Dr Sarah keep up the wonderful work of training other GP’s and Healthcare practitioners in looking out for ADHD symptoms especially in girls.
Continued success to you all and for everyone going through this area of finding out about ADHD.


I am genuinely so impressed by this clinic. Dr Sarah Carty and Dr John O’Connor are so helpful, knowledgeable and kind. They have really helped to change my life for the better. They are so patient in answering questions and take the time to learn about your specific needs. The staff are kind and responsive over email and by phone, and have always helped out even with my last-minute requests and questions. Probably the most positive medical experience I’ve ever had – thank you!!


Couldn’t have had a better experience. Every member of staff I dealt with whether it was a GP, nurse or Psychiatrist were all incredibly kind, patient and very understanding. They are incredibly thorough and very professional. A lovely welcoming atmosphere. Highly recommend.


A much needed kind, knowledgeable and compassionate service. The team are thorough and begin with blood screening and general health checks with their nurse which follows on with a consultation with their dedicated adhd gp who was brilliant. There is then follow up appointment(s) as described on their website.


I’ve been very happy with my experience so far with ADHDdoc. Once they were able to get back to me and include in the assessment process, it was clear it’s professional and well business with patients interest at heart. Yes, it is expensive and yes this is service where there needs to be more public sector support, but they do provide an important service.


I highly recommend this service, it is an incredible place run by conscientious, professional, highly knowledgeable and experienced doctors, nurses and admin staff. I have seen many many doctors in the last 40 years and this is the best experience I have ever had, the insights they have given me have been an absolute revelation. I am still in the process of being assessed and undergoing treatment and I feel completely confident in their care.