We Talk, We Test and We Treat …. with kindness and expertise!

Our model of care is GP-led. We use best evidence-based assessment and treatment pathways.

Assessment Phase

Screening & Testing Visit and GP Assessment Visit

Screening and Testing Visit

This visit marks the beginning of your journey with us at ADHDdoc. The purpose of this visit is to collect information that will assist the doctors with diagnosis. You will be guided through this visit by a member of our team. This visit takes place in- person at ADHDdoc and takes 1 hour. Cost €400. This visit can be booked online on our website.

QbTest is an objective computer-based test that measures your activity level, ability to concentrate and impulse control. QbTest is FDA approved, widely used and a well documented tool. It is being used already in some of the CAMHS units in Ireland and it is also being used widely in 13 countries worldwide by over 10,000 clinicians.

We are the first practice to introduce QbTest for adults in Ireland.

Do-IT profiler is a screening tool for neurodiversity, including ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Dyscalculia, Developmental Coordination Disorder/Dyspraxia, Developmental Language Disorder.

The “Do-IT profiler” is not diagnostic for neurodiverse conditions but will confirm areas of strength and challenges. The “Do-IT profiler” report can be used to put in place strategies to help. It can also be used as a starting place for further in-depth diagnostic evaluation.

Blood tests, baseline clinical measurements, and an ECG to establish your suitability for medication to treat ADHD.

Collateral history, from a person who is close to you, is an important part of your ADHD assessment.

Ideally a person who knew you in childhood should attend the GP assessment visit. If this is not possible, we will give you collateral history forms.

If you have school reports from primary and/or secondary schools, please bring these to your GP assessment visit. Please bring any educational or medical assessment reports.

Standardised rating scales for ADHD.

GP Assessment Visit

This visit will be booked by our administration team and should take place 2 weeks after the Screening and Testing Visit. Cost €600. Duration 90 minutes.
  • This in-person visit involves a full assessment by a doctor, with specialist training in ADHD. Before this visit, the doctor will review the test results from the previous visit.
  • The doctor will take a full detailed medical, personal and mental health history.
  • You will have a careful assessment of your ADHD symptoms. The doctor will also use evidence-based rating scales.

Results of your Assessment

At the end of this visit you will receive the results of your assessment. You will be given a written copy of all your results at the end of the GP assessment visit. This will include a detailed explanation and report. The doctor will make a clinical judgement taking clinical history, objective tests, rating scales and your overall health into account.
  • In some cases, a diagnosis of uncomplicated ADHD will be clear at this stage. The doctor will discuss treatment options and may start medication with you at this point.
  • Many adults with ADHD have other neurodiverse conditions or mental illness. In some cases, an expert review by our consultant psychiatry team is indicated. Our psychiatrists also provide specialist expertise in cases when a diagnosis of ADHD is unclear.

Psychiatry Visit

(If Required)

If a psychiatry assessment is required we will go ahead and organise this for you with one of our psychiatrists in a timely fashion. The cost of this visit will be €350. Duration 60 minutes.

The psychiatrist will confirm a diagnosis of ADHD when indicated. Other mental illness and neurodiverse conditions will also be considered and discussed with you.

Treatment with medication for ADHD may be started by the psychiatrist if a diagnosis of ADHD is confirmed.

If you have a history of mental illness, this will not usually prevent you from accessing treatment for ADHD. It would be recommended in this situation, to have a review with one of our psychiatrists, in order to have an up-to-date assessment of your mental state.

Prescribed medications for other conditions should not be stopped before your ADHD assessment.

Please bring details of any previous psychiatric consultations or previously prescribed medications to this visit. You may need to ask your GP or psychiatrist to forward these details.

Medication Titration

Medication is the cornerstone of ADHD treatment. Titration is a process used to find the right dosage of a medication.

Titration or medication dose adjustment, ensures maximum treatment effects from your medication, with minimum side effects. You will need a course of visits with a doctor to judge the best medication and dose for your needs.

All medication is adjusted on an individual basis, taking your response to medication, side-effects, preferences, lifestyle and other health conditions into account.

Treatment Initiation

Your specialist doctor or psychiatrist will issue a 4-week, medication prescription with instructions. This will happen either at the end of the GP assessment visit or consultant psychiatrist visit.

You should have your blood pressure and pulse checked, with each increase in dose of your medication. You could ask your pharmacy team to do this, or you could buy a blood pressure monitor from your pharmacy. Please record your blood pressure readings and have them ready before your next visit.

First Medication Adjustment Visit

Week 4 of medication. Cost €150. Duration 30 minutes. This visit will be booked by our administration team.

At this visit your specialist Doctor will assess benefits and side effects of medication. You will be given advice regarding your medication. This visit can take place in person, by video link or by telephone. Please note that if you opt to have a remote consultation you must have blood pressure readings available.

Follow up Medication Adjustment Visits

Week 8 of medication and at 4-week intervals as necessary. Cost €70. Duration 15 minutes. These visits can be booked online on our website.
  • At these visits your doctor will assess your progress, address any questions and adjust your dose of medication. Your doctor will also provide education regarding ADHD during your titration visits.
  • 2-3 titration visits are often required to optimise your medication. These visits may take place in person, by video link or by telephone.
  • When you and your doctor are satisfied that you are on the correct medication dose, you will be discharged to your GP, on a shared care agreement. We will issue a discharge letter, asking your GP to continue your prescription.
  • It is important to have your blood pressure and pulse checked every 6 months.

Annual Review

Review appointment every 12 months with ADHDdoc. Cost €200. Duration 30 minutes.

At your annual review your doctor will assess your ADHD symptoms and administer repeat “Do-IT profilers” and ADHD symptom rating scales. Your medication will be reviewed and adjusted if required.

A detailed report will be sent to you and to your GP.

Patients with confirmed diagnosis from another service

New patients with confirmed diagnosis from another service: GP assessment €600. In some cases, a consultant psychiatry assessment will also be required.

With all patients who have not been seen before we offer a full GP assessment so that we can make a thorough assessment of your current needs. We also do bloods, and ECG and baseline clinical assessment. If you already have a diagnosis of ADHD and would like to be seen at our practice, please contact us. We will contact you to book a GP assessment.

  • Please send reports detailing your previous assessments. Please send us an outline of your current concerns.
  • Please bring a family member to this visit to provide collateral history where possible.

Other Services

GP consultation for advice about services (30 min) €150

If you are unsure whether to proceed with an ADHD assessment, or need advice about other medical conditions or neurodiversity, you may need expert advice from one of our GPs. We offer a long consultation to listen to your concerns, and to advise on best assessment or treatment pathways. Please send an enquiry email to [email protected]. We will contact you to book a GP assessment.

QbTest €300

Follow up QbTest or QbTest for patients with existing diagnosis. This includes a telephone call by a GP to explain the QbTest results to you.